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Kids and Cameras

Kids and Cameras

Kids and Cameras is a program that teaches the art of photography and filmmaking to marginalized children in communities across America. We use photography and filmmaking to capture the imaginations of tweens and teens, to empower them to share their vision for the world they live in.

This 6 session workshop provides youth with the opportunity to learn the basics of photography and camera mechanics. Assignments that focused on specific subjects or photography elements provided a structure to discipline the children while encouraging them to be free to explore their world. Field trips are integrated as often as possible. For many, these field trips offered a rare opportunity to venture outside of the children’s neighborhoods and limited experiences. Through editing and critiques, the children learned to think critically and to articulate their thoughts and feelings. These discussions provided a platform to acknowledge each and every opinion, thereby building a sense of self-worth and respect for others.

The children who have participated our workshops have been able to share their experiences with the world by expressing themselves through art. Kids and Cameras has provided young filmmakers and photographers with an opportunity to share their passions and talents with marginalized children around the globe. Our workshops were created to be intuitive and individualized, based on the particular vision of the artist. The goal of each workshop was artistic excellence, positive transformation and ongoing support for the children.

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